Rick started bowling at the age of five (5), and is now in his 50th year of bowling.  During those 50 years, Rick has shot 100 300 games and 75 800 series.  Rick holds two house records, meaning that the scores he shot are the highest ever shot at those locations.  He holds the house record at Short Stop Lanes with a 866 and he also has the record at Spillway Lanes (now closed) with a 837.
     Rick was a member of the 3rd place team in the nation in 2000 with team total of 3771.  He was also a member of the 3rd place 3-man team in the nation in 2008 with one game team total of 868.  Rick has been a pro shop operator for 18 years.  He has earned 120 different titles in city, state, and varous other bowling tourneys.
     Solid 9 Pro Shop is ready to help you reach your bowling goals, whether that means getting a new ball, bag, or shoes.  Rick can fit you with the right equipment for your game.  Give him a call or stop by and see him.  Even if you need some tips, check out the Coach's Corner and ask Rick a question, or two.

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